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What is Earthguard ?


EARTHGUARD is a biodegradable soil stabilisation blanket, woven from a heavy 100% jute yarn. It has an open mesh structure and is used to control erosion on disturbed earth surfaces while encouraging the development of protected vegetation.

As a natural vegetable material, EARTHGUARD is ecologically harmonious decomposing to add roughly 2 tonnes per acre of rich organic nutrients to the soil. EARTHGUARD contains no toxins, plasticisers or pollutants to disturb the environment or run off into ground water.

The unique mesh construction of EARTHGUARD allows ample room for plants to grow and light to enter between the strands. Both seeds and soil are held firmly in place, raindrop impact absorbed and soil moisture conserved. During water flow, each strand forms a miniature dam which traps soil particles and reduces the speed of the flowing water.

EARTHGUARD is flexible to follow the contours of rough terrain and weighing approximately 500 grams per square metre will not be lifted by wind, water or growing grass. Any type of grass or ground cover can be selected to fit site conditions and EARTHGUARD may be used with all standard construction techniques.

EARTHGUARD is competitively priced, easy to install and does not require special tooling nor skilled labour. It saves time and costs and is both user and environmentally friendly.




Where is Earthguard used ?


EARTHGUARD is used where soil surfaces need immediate stabilisation and protection from erosion prior to the establishment of vegetative cover.

EARTHGUARD is ideally suited for:-

•  Road and railway slopes, bridge abutments and median strips

•  Drainage ditches, culvert and table drain outlets

•  Lake, canal and river banks

•  Farm and forestry applications

•  Greenward developments in parks, airports and housing estates

•  Sand dune stabilisation

•  Slag heap reclamation

•  Ski slope and sports field restoration and development

EARTHGUARD is ideal material where:-

•  Initial rainfall is likely to be heavy and liable to cause scour

•  There is potential for washout or scouring due to local drainage difficulties

•  Slopes are particularly steep

•  The installation may be subject to snow cover or flooding


This product can be ordered in the following weights :-

292gms/m2, 500gms/m2, 732gms/m2




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