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Jute paper deserves recognition. The feel to the paper is unique. See and feel the fibres. Our latest designs for diaries, name and address books are to be manufactured using jute paper. There is also a range of notepads and folders.


Our latest notebooks are embroidered using coloured designs

EM/016 (15x19cm)
Floral embroidered

Sunflower notebook

EM/005 (15x19cm)
Sunflower embroidered


AB/005 (17x18x2cm)
Jute paper address book
Address book


Notebook covers created
from the stem of the water

Water Hyacinth Notebook
Inside look at the Jute Paper





Inside look at jute paper


Jute notepads
A selection of notebooks with covers made from jute fibres (memo (27x13cm), letterhead (27x18cm) and A4 (30x20cm))


Jute paper extends to wrapping paper - a selection is shown here !
Jute wrapping paper


Jute folder
NF-09 (36x27x3cm) Multi-pocket jute folder with trim


Jute stationery folders
Jute Folders
Inside a Jute Folder
A look inside




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